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If you are an undocumented student in New York State, currently in 9th-11th grade, we encourage you to contact us and apply to our summer program.

What you will gain:

  • A network of friends and mentors

  • Knowledge about college access, from how to choose a school and apply, to how to get the most support possible

  • Training related to self-advocacy and organizing for social justice

  • Fun experience living on a college campus

  • Long term mentorship from Adelante as you continue on your educational journey

  • Access to apply for Adelante College Scholarships and Emergency Aid


Every summer, we hire an intern and a team of dedicated counselors to help us with the Summer Program. Interns join us before the program starts to assist with planning details, and continue to help for the remainder of the summer. To be a counselor, you must be over the age of 20, be committed to immigrant justice, and ideally have personal or family experience with the challenges of being undocumented. Counselors stay with us for the summer program and provide important mentorship. 


Applying to join us as a student is easy. We first ask you to tell us a bit more about yourself on a written application and to fill out the necessary forms. We require an unofficial high school transcript, which you can get from your school counselor. We are looking for undocumented students who think Adelante will make a real difference in their lives and can commit to the program. Then, a planning committee member will interview you and answer any questions you and your family have.

Once we invite you to join, we will ask you and your parent or guardian to sign permission forms in order to secure your spot.

Noches de Información/ Information Night 2022

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