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General Support 

Adelante Student Voices is a 501c3 non-profit. We have offered the Adelante Summer Program annually since 2016, and offer year-round support, advocacy, and workshops. 

By becoming a Sustainer, you are supporting the growth of Adelante Student Voices and Undocumented Students in the Hudson Valley. We have already supported over 100 students and their families!

Sustainers can make a one-time donation or monthly contributions now. 


Summer Program Sponsor

By becoming a Summer Program Sponsor, you will help Adelante provide our 10-day Summer Program free of cost to high school students. 


For the summer program alone, we need to raise the following amount:

  • $14,000 for room and board

  • $2,500 for t-shirts and activity materials: books, art supplies, info packets

  • $3000 for counselor stipends


Giving to the Adelante College Scholarship Fund is an opportunity to contribute to undocumented college students' education.

You can now choose to be a Scholarship Sustainer by making monthly contributions

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