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Here at Adelante Student Voices, in addition to supporting our students in their pursuit of higher education here in the United States, we are also studying the 'Roots of Migration' that are forcing millions of people to leave their countries of origin and move to another country, such as the United States. The following are personal stories by Adelante graduates that describe their families' Roots of Migration:


1. What is your first name and where were you born?

Cual es su primer nombre y donde nacio?


2. Why did you leave your country of birth to come to the United States of America?

Por que salio de su pais de nacimiento para venir a los Estados Unidos de America?


3. Do you know if other people from your country of birth have had to leave as well? If so, what are the economic, political, environmental or social problems that forced them to leave? 

Sabe si hay otra gente de su pais de nacimiento que tambien han tenido que salir? Si es asi, cuales son los problemas economicos, politicos, ambientales o sociales que forzaron a ellos dejar el pais?

4. Do you have any ideas of how we can solve these problems?

Tiene algunas ideas de como podemos resolver estos problemas?

5. Please describe the challenges you and your family have faced in relation to visa status, either before or after coming to the US.


Por favor, describa los desafios que han encontrado usted y su familia en cuanto al estatus de visa, o antes o despues de venir a los Estados Unidos de America.

6. Do you have any ideas of how we can solve these visa problems?

Tiene algunas ideas de como podemos resolver estos problemas de visa?


7. What motivates you every day to move forward?

Que le motiva para mover adelante cada dia?

8. What message would you give to all those people who live in a situation similar to yours?

Cual mensaje daria a toda la gente que vive la misma situacion que usted?

Anonymous Personal Stories - written, audio or video

Photograph of life back in the country of birth? Goal: communicate the emotional journey

The Roots of Migration in the countries of origin of our students:



Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala):











Effects of immigration on the United States:

Impacts of Immigration on United States Economy:

Border Policy:

Latino Rebels Series: The Truth About Immigration:

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